Parish Board of Announcements

Priests visiting hospitals

Priests will only go into the hospital in response to a request from the Hospital switchboard or ward staff. Anyone in the hospital that requires a visit from a priest should please go through the nurse or switchboard. This will be in emergency only. There will be no Holy Communion rounds until further notice.

Caritas Hallam Counselling Service – COVID-19

We understand the challenges and disruption COVID 19 is having on the quality of life and mental health.  We offer support in managing anxiety as we leave lockdown; coping with working from home; uncertainty in a changing society; social distancing and loneliness.

We are now able to offer Counselling for Men by Men!

Our regular quality assurance reviews guarantee high standards of service by our practitioners.

You do not have to go through this alone.

Please contact Bernie Ware : 07980 406198

Volunteers needed in preparation for reopening of churches

In preparation towards the reopening of our churches, we still need volunteers who would serve as ushers during Mass and cleaners who would help to clean the church after every use. Volunteers must be below 70 years and without underlying health conditions. If you can volunteer, please email or call the Parish Priest.